Jet Casino: Cashback for all!

Cashback for fun in Jet Casino 24/7!

Everyone likes to play more. With this knowledge we, Jet Casino, help members of our club with getting more fun during the game. How? Go further and learn more about our Cashback Program there.

Cashback program went online – to shops, games and other services. And we may tell that Jet Casino is one that give you cashback too – so you may enjoy more and have much more opportunities to win there. We are ready to support our dear gamblers and help them in case if their payouts are lesser than their deposits.

Jet Casino Cashback is paid for all players, including new ones and experienced gamblers. Be ready to get more with your cashback in Jet Casino!

How to get Cashback in Jet Casino?

That’s really easy. You should start playing there for real after registration, verification and your first minimum deposit. Every player who plays, enjoys the process and spends more than gets back, will have our cashback. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? But it is. We support all adventurous, brave and strong enough to risk and probably to have a try to win there.

Our system counts all your deposits and payouts automatically. After this it counts your bonus cashback to be paid at the end of a counting period. A bit later our Jet Casino system drops cashback to your account. Then you are ready to have fun with us for more!

Jet Cashback Terms and Conditions

First, all Cashback is calculated for real money spent in Jet Casino. Due to this rule, all bonus points and additional bonuses won’t give you cashback. This makes Jet Casino more fair – all our members get only the part of what they really depose. Be careful and don’t forget about this rule.

Second. All our Cashback is limited in time, due to your privilege level. Don’t forget to use all your cashback in due time – or it will be missed for you. Third is that all Cashback can be spend only in our Slots menu. Due to this you can’t use Cashback for tables, tournaments and Live dealers. This rule was set to make all games in Sol Casino clear and not to give more opportunities for some players.

And the last one. Wager for all your cashback depends on your privilege level. Get higher and enjoy for more with Jet Casino!